Web Application

Web Application for personal, company or shop use!


The IFP web application forms a portal to the extensive search engines for flowers, indoor plants, garden plants and flower bulbs. The information per product consists of fixed data such as color, application possibilities, storage temperatures, plant depth, etc. In addition, we give you a number of other facts such as origin, care tips and other important facts. And all this in 8 languages!

This application can be used on a computer, laptop or tablet. You get access with a login and password verification.

Visit our demo of the application to get more insight. Note: the demo version does not show all options that the search engine has.

Take a sneak preview and test the demo version of the InfoFlowersPlants web application!

Demo Version

For companies

For companies we make it possible to create your own search engines available to staff and customers. The interface of the search engine is provided with your logo, name and corporate identity color. You get your own user management so that you can give people access to your flower and plant search engine. We charge a fixed amount for implementing your own house style and management. Furthermore we use a scale for the subscription depending on the number of users.

The search engines are available in the following languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Russian.

Our web application is already used by various exporters, retail chains, private trainers and as a professional learning tool for green education programs.


Contact Lucas Jansen (lucas@infoflowers.info).

For personal use

The search engines can also be personally used by you on a device that is connected to the internet. Conclude an annual subscription for € 8.99 and you have 12 months. With this subscription you have automatic access to the four search engines: flowers, houseplants, garden plants and flower bulbs in 8 different languages. The content of the database is updated weekly. The subscription is not automatically renewed. You will receive an e-mail from us about 11 months after you take out, if you want to make further use of our web application.

Start a subscription?

Go to our web application and sign up for the annual subscription.